Mark Multimedia

Full service advertising agency and production studio based in Bucharest, Romania.
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Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania
less than 1 year ago

Mark Multimedia is a small, butique, full service advertising agency, but with a team of experienced people. Our people come from different advertising companies and film production houses. We were driven by the idea of being different and bringing innovative solutions to the market. Mark Multimedia was born from a mix of experienced designers and film producers, so we can offer our clients a full approach on advertising and marketing. This fact allows us to fulfill all projects inside the agency qualitatively and operatively. Our philosophy and experience let us break typical patterns and have individual approach to each client. Not only we create and design your advertising campaign we can also produce your TV or radio commercial as we have our own in-house production studio and equipment.
If you are like us, eager to evolve and if you understand, like us, that quality is the result of evolution, we are your match. We want to build strong relationships with our clients, with your brands and help you build the same strong relationships with your customers.

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