PinPals: Pinterest Virtual Assistants

Pinterest content creation & account management virtual assistant service.
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Louisville, KY, United States
5 years ago

PinPals is a Pinterest pin design, account management & virtual assistant service created by Sugar Coded Apps, a popular mobile app company & leader in embracing Pinterest as a powerful way to grow interest in your brand.

Pinterest has become one of the most popular social networks the last several years, but it can be one of the hardest to get momentum on & keep up with. It's one of the few platforms where you really need to create custom contest to to only get started, but continue to add to new content to, consistently.

Since it is a such a visual medium, one hurdle is finding the time to actually create that content. That’s where having a dedicated service like PinPals can make all the difference. We’ve created thousands of bold custom graphics optimized for Pinterest.

Using our mobile first development skills, we've designed pins for many diverse clients in many industries. We can make amazing Pinterest pins for you to promote:

  • online stores
  • products,
  • specific website content
  • apps,
  • blog posts,
    & much more.

We’ve had great success creating awesome content for Pinterest, & we love the platform. We’d love to create custom Pinterest content for you, too.

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