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Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
8 years ago

Virtary is a professional virtual assistant team based in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Founded in 2010, the agency has worked with numerous numbers of clients from multiple industries, mostly startups, app developers and Kickstarter projects.

Here are the list of things we can do for you to make your life easier:

  • Customer support - YES! We will be your reliable front liner! All of us are familiar with Zendesk
  • Order processing, inventory management and data entry for your eCommerce business
  • Personal and business backup - manage your calendar, clear your inbox, make online purchases on your behalf
  • Internet and market research - generate qualified leads for your business, find what your competitors are doing, search for opportunities
  • WordPress management - create sales page using Thrive Content Builder, upload, edit and schedule blog posts
  • Basic design using PhotoShop, Canva or GIMP
  • CRM management - All of us are familiar with Zoho, Hubspot and SalesForce
  • Newsletter management - using MailChimp, SendinBlue, Interspire

Feel free to ask other things that we didn't list above as we still have other skills that can become your asset!

Client's satisfaction is our primary goal. Our services are flexible, negotiable and always be available to be tailored at what you might need.

We enjoy being your midnight owl, early bird or work in 'any time zone' Simply just hand over to me your 'small things' and you can be more focus on the 'big things' for your business !!!

Simple time tracking.
Easy payments.

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