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Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
3 years ago

Hello all,

Are you looking for corporate business presentations like McKinsey, BCG, Bain?? We am here to help

Visual Sculptors Private Ltd. is one of the top-rated PowerPoint design agencies in Upwork which is led by former McKinsey graphic designers (VGI) out of Chennai, India. We are ranked No. 1 in PowerPoint 2010 by Microsoft.

Our Values:
1. Attractive presentations with exceptional quality
2. On-time delivery and transparent communication
3. Affordable and flexible costs
4. Assuring confidentiality of the work

Our service in PowerPoint includes:

1. Template Creation: Designing a new template with format guidelines in adherence to your brand

2. Data Visualization: Representing data from Excel Reports, Dashboards into Meaningful Charts

3. Standard Formatting: Turning hand drawn sketch and formatting raw slides as per format guidelines

4. Visual Enhancement: Optimizing message conveyed with eye catching visuals, conceptual, charts

5. Custom Presentation: Simplifying the contents into customized layouts with illustrated pictures, videos, animations

6. Info-Graphics Presentation: Optimizing the raw data into suitable charts, icons and info-graphics

7. Business Presentation: Style used by most of Business consulting companies

8. Thematic Presentation: Converting Raw Content into Conceptual themes and Pictures


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