Zenta Ltd.

Zenta Limited is an Armenian software development and IT consulting company established in 2006.
Pay rates:
$15 - $25/hr
Available members:
Yerevan, Yerevan, Armenia
14 years ago

We provide an end-to-end set of IT services to help organizations better manage and get the most out of their IT strategy. Our services span the full range of IT needs, from planning and design, to development and maintenance.

o Consulting

Mobile, cloud, social, virtualization, big data—many of the items continuously listed as “hot trends”— are well past the point where they should be areas of exploration and experimentation and are quickly becoming the practical, available tools with which companies can craft fast, cost-effective solutions to solve their toughest problems. We help organizations to evaluate newer technologies, such as virtualization or cloud computing, and to integrate them into a broader IT strategy and governance roadmap to bring the best possible business benefits.

o Custom Development

Often you need a solution that cannot be bought in a box. We are experienced at designing applications that solve complex business problems and processes. We can help you establish your key business needs and then translate those needs into technical requirements, which in turn become roadmaps for all of our custom development work. Your role is to help us define your end goals. Our role is to leverage our relevant experience to create custom technology solutions for you to perform the exact functionality you require.

o Outsourcing

We are flexible and would be glad to do almost any type of project for you. But our experience tells us that if you have long-term work and the same people working for you as a team over long periods, this is where you can reach very high value for your money. Our main business is to help you build your team (nearshore office), support it and help you get the very best from it. We will keep providing you and your team with more services to greatly enhance the value and flexibility.

Core capabilities

● Needs assessment

● Technical requirements

● High level architecture

● Graphics and UX design

● Business intelligence

● Business process management and workflow automation

Technology competence

Selecting the right technology solution that will compliment your business strategy is a crucial decision you are faced with making. Our experts work with you to determine your needs and then guide you toward the right products and tools for your business. Our specialists work with these technology solutions on a day-to-day basis and can differentiate a product’s “capabilities” and the real-life fit as it relates to your specific business requirements. Our technology competence includes:


o Spring Framework

o Wicket, GWT, JSF o Hibernate


● Microsoft o MVC 6.0

o EF 7.0

o Azure

o Microsoft SQL Server

o SQL Server Reporting Services o SQL Server Analysis Services

Web Development

o PHP 5

o Zend, Laravel o WordPress


o HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap, Modernizr o jQuery, ExtJS

● Mobile

o Android Development

o iOS Development

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