Accountability Coach for Digital Marketing Agencies hourly

Reach and Make Millions HQ: Atlanta, Georgia, United States Remote job Jun 30

The Accountability Coach will meet with a set number of clients on a weekly basis to identify action steps to work on to reach completion within our 7-Figure Freedom Accelerator program. These one-to-one client meetings will be hosted through Zoom. A key priority of this role will be to “project manage” our client, keep track of their progress, and communicate any updates between clients and our team. This role acts as a buffer between the client and the implementation team (coaches, consultants, guest experts, etc).

This role will deliver value to our members by building trust and maintaining strong relationships, learning about their business priorities, and guiding them on how to best leverage the 7FFA program. The key phrase is: we love our clients. The Accountability Coach will be simultaneously managing multiple members who are at different points on the program lifecycle and identifying opportunities to develop new training materials designed to ensure successful customer onboarding, support business improvement & success, and deepen our relationship with their company.

  • Facilitate weekly calls with clients to check in and create action steps

  • Collect testimonials and feedback from clients

  • Check-in with clients on a daily basis for accountability

  • Engage clients in the Facebook group and Slack channels - encourage them to post wins, ask questions, etc.

  • Onboard and welcome new clients to the group

  • Manage call recordings and call log

  • Improve processes and content based on client feedback

  • Check-in with client fulfillment team about client information to prep for weekly calls

  • Make sure all consultants and experts are prepared for their calls with clients

  • Post celebrations and making sure client gifts are sent for birthdays, marriage, newborns, etc.

  • Answer emails and messages from clients

  • Ensure clients are engaged and on track within the program

  • Client happiness (tracked by anonymous feedback forms + accountability forms)

  • Client engagement (# of days active in the communication channels)

  • Client retention (# of clients that continue our program)

  • Super extraverted. Loves to talk to people. People just love them.

  • High attention to detail. Doesn't miss a beat. Self-starter and driven to be the best.

  • Cheerleader and encourager, but also stern for accountability

  • Great at building rapport and relationships with others

  • Deeply cares about people and goes above & beyond to take care of others

  • Can organize a lot of thoughts and ideas from others in a cohesive way

  • Great memory. On top of small details like people's birthdays or what they did last week.

  • Comes up with new ideas and ways of improving things that already exist

  • Great communicator. Direct and to the point, but in a kind, respectful way.

  • Nerdy about productivity and time management. Has tried every tool / technique under the sun.

  • Adaptable and able to change their tone / demeanor depending on the person they’re speaking with. Can be high energy, loud, excitable, or completely soft spoken, calm, and empathetic at a moment’s notice (to match client’s personalities and current mood / situation).

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