Ambitious Sales Closer fixed price

My Boss Plan HQ: Houston, Texas, United States Remote job Jun 26

Are you a DM beast? I am looking for a sales closer that can closer via DM, phone, or Zoom call.

This is a digital marketing company startup. Our services are no risk and we work with people so ideal clients signing up won't be an issue. This is a results driven based position paid monthly. If you do not get results then I do not want you to apply.

What KPI you have gotten? Where do you aim to be? Starting off as part-time, if you are good then you will quickly move to full-time to make a higher commission.

Packages are $5k, $10k, & $30k.

What industries have you been appointment setting?

What CRM have you worked in? We use Go High Level.

If someone says No. How would you respond to them?

What sales expert and training do you follow? How often do you watch? Do you roleplay? How often do you roleplay?

What forms of communication are you comfortable with to close the deal?

The next step is up to you........ If you are a sales closer then close me on why I should hire you.

Native English speaker.

Fixed price
Experience levels:
Beginner (1 - 3 yrs), Intermediate (3 - 5 yrs), Expert (5+ yrs)