Appoitment setter @ fixed price

Leadsies HQ: London, England, United Kingdom Remote job Jan 21 is seeking a new appointment setter!

We're expanding, so the intensive search for the honest, determined and talented human has officially begun! We are a company that provides appointment settings. currently provides services in the U.S.A, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and London.

We are focused on the expanding the European headquarters, that's why our ideal candidate should have excess to the U.K market, either with cold-calling, online calls or any potential way of work he/she/they would prefer.

As the appointment setter, your job is to research the market, contact the companies that, by your belief, are interested in buying our product, briefly explain what we do and (if they are interested) connect them with our founders, who will do the final meeting and conclude the sales. You will contact leads to explain the product or service your company offers and gauge the interest of the potential client. You will answer their preliminary questions and determine how interested they may be in your product or service.

It is very important to mention that this position is a commission-BASED at the very beginning. 

If you succeed so well and we decide to reward you because you're doing your best, we will offer you a promotion into the Sales representative position, where you will be paid per hour. 

We will be accepting applications via the following link only :

If we decide to proceed with your application, you will join our founders on a Skype call, where the final interview will be conducted.

Thank you for existing.

Fixed price
Experience levels:
Intermediate (3 - 5 yrs), Expert (5+ yrs)
Negotiable budget