Articles - Procrastination fixed price HQ: Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal Remote job Sep 30

I'm looking to hire an experienced SEO writer for to write articles on the procrastination niche.

You are:

  • A great writer
  • A research ninja
  • Knowledgeable of SEO best practices
  • Confident working independently (and dislike being micromanaged)
  • Punctual—deadlines are not options for you
  • Proud of your work. You want to create articles that will rank #1 on Google and be read for years


  • You have your own personal blog and publish regularly/publish regularly on other platforms
  • You have written before in the productivity niche

Each article is normally 2000+ plus packed with actionable insights that be can use right away.

If you are looking to write pieces like "13 Things Only Millennials Will Understand", this is not for you. If you write "meditate, eat healthy, sleep" as the 3 things you need for productivity, this is not for you.

I focus on the "how". Everyone knows they need to be more productive. But how? What's the science behind? That's what I'm interested in. Those are the kind of articles I want to read and in turn, want to write and publish on my blog.

Posts need to be actionable. So if we're doing a post on time management tips, I'm more interested in writing about how to execute time management tips - what the tips are and specifically how to apply them right now to their life - rather than just giving readers time management tips.

I like to write like I speak, directly and straight to the point. The golden rule is: if I take a word out of a sentence and that sentence still makes sense, then the word is not needed. My writing style is pretty much casual.

Rather than cover the what, I mostly focus on the how.

It helps that you're interested in the topic. That you want to discuss methods, such as how to overcome procrastination, the science behind why we procrastinate, etc.

I want to get one or two writes onboard that can deliver articles every week, long-term.

What I need from you:

1. Start your bid with "everyone procrastinates"

2. Send me 3 links to something you've written that are LIVE online. I'll ignore samples. Send published posts

3. List your 3 favorite blogs and why you like them

4. Why do you want to be a part of my team?

5. What's your price and turnaround time for one article of 2000 words?

6. When would you be available to start?

Use the numbers above with answers.

Thanks ;)


Fixed price
Experience levels:
Intermediate (3 - 5 yrs)