Cold Calling Banks hourly

Real D Properties HQ: Livonia, MI, United States Remote job Apr 22

Part time

5-10 hours per week

Pay negotiable and commensurate with experience/availability/location/phone access

Looking for someone familiar first with real estate investing concepts/terms/lingo and potentially understands and has experience with banking, distressed assets and the note business.

Need to have some knowledge of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software as a part of this position entails placing contacts, follow up and messaging in the CRM. Must be comfortable with excel and word as time sheets, emails and work logs will be processed in these formats.

Additionally, email auto-responders and phone dialers will be used for follow up and efficiency.

Assistant should be able to make 20-25 contacts per hour and document those conversations on excel. Excellent English speaking skills required.

If you are interested in this position, there are two requirements prior to a discussion. Both of these may be emailed to realdproperties at gmaildotcom.

  1. Resume with highlights pertaining to the above job description
  2. Video or voice recording reading anything you prefer in English, must last at least 1 minute.
Hourly contract
Experience levels:
Beginner (1 - 3 yrs), Intermediate (3 - 5 yrs)