Content Write for Health Supplement Website fixed price

Chaga Central HQ: Meadow Lakes, Alaska , United States Remote job Dec 6

Chaga Central needs fresh content that breaks from the hyperbole and misinformation found on most sites related to chaga. This job is very open ended; we need blog posts immediately, but could also use help with product descriptions, design, and marketing strategy.

Our preferred candidate will be able to research and write articles that are based on scientific studies about chaga. We have specific articles we would like written, but are definitely open to ideas.

Candidate must be able to cite their research and present it in fun, down to earth language. We want to make current research into the benefits of chaga readily accessible to regular people that don't understand medical or scientific jargon.

Our website is currently under construction (we need more content!), but feel free to check it out. We also have a Facebook page. Any help with the design of our web page would also be seriously appreciated. We are really, really good at harvesting chaga out in the Alaskan forest. Not so good with web design or branding.

Fixed price