Creative Writer (English) hourly

Tiffany Johnson Personal HQ: New York City, New York City, United States Remote job Apr 19

I’m creating daily data video check ins. This is my first video which explains what I’m doing:

I work in data and I’ve recently had opportunity to start speaking on data ownership, privacy and transparency. It’s a passion and while I do this, I want to build my personal brand by making data more interesting to a larger group of people. I want to build a better story around data, it’s history, how to use it. 

I need a creative writer to help me take research and info and turn them into a story that can be the script for a daily data video check in.

I’m looking for a mix of Business Wars Daily - and any late night host monologue, Jimmy Kimmel, but focused on data :)

This is the structure:

I provide topics (example below of what I’m posting this week) and 2-3 articles with summaries, relevant to the topics. You take the articles and write story track in bullets, so I have room to interpret and add my own voice as I’m doing the videos. 

Each video is about 3-5 min long, I provide info, you read the info and create a story line.


M - what are companies doing right now for data privacy 

  • bullet one for story

  • bullet two for story, etc.

T - the data protection agency 

W - what companies will need to consider for the future 

Th - data privacy in crisis

F - review of data privacy in crises

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