Customer Support and Sales Manager full time

Adaptive Telehealth HQ: North Carolina, North Carolina, United States Remote job Oct 11

Job Duties:


Establish Customer Support Practices

Customer Support Managers are responsible for creating policies and procedures for their staff. To ensure customers receive excellent and consistent service it is vital that all employees provide the same types of assistance and handle issues in similar manners. The Customer Support Manager must make sure their staff knows the policies and adheres to them at all time.

Hire and Train Employees

The hiring and training of staff usually fall to the judgment of the Customer Support Manager. This may include reviewing applications, conducting interviews, processing new hire paperwork, and providing on the job training or mentoring to new employees.

Gather and Analyze Metrics

Customer Support Managers must analyze their support team to establish whether or not all personnel are following the best practices established by the Customer Support Manager. Standardized performance metrics should be established to ensure all employees are judged by the same measurements and criteria. Most Customer Support Managers will have monthly or quarterly metric reviews of their entire staff. Providing consultation and solutions to poor performing staff members is also part of their job.

Ensure Customer Happiness

The end goal of sales and support is to ensure that customers are happy with the products and services we provide. Sometimes this entails going above and beyond what would normally be expected of a software company to find ways to solve the customer’s problem. An important part of the Customer Support Manager’s job is defusing situations with unhappy customers. When customers are unable to have their needs satisfactorily met by talking with a Customer Support Agent, it is the job of the Customer Support Manager to take over and attempt to appease the customer. Good mediation skills are important in performing this duty.


  • Gain a thorough knowledge of software functionality and benefits to the customer
  • Provide demonstrations to prospective customers of the software.
  • Provide consultative services to customers to help them fine-tune their requirements and provide examples of ways in which our software can meet their needs.
  • Track the progress prospects through the sales cycle.
  • Assist in the creation of sales proposals
  • Follow up on prospects and lead prospects to sales completion.
  • Assist in the onboarding and training of new clients as needed.

Customer Support 

Respond to customer support questions within expected timeframes with answers which the client finds effective and satisfactory.

  • Email/Chat Support
  • Phone Support
  • Video meeting Support (primary) (both you and the customer are in a video meeting)
  • Other sales and support-related projects as assigned.
Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
Experience levels:
Expert (5+ yrs)
Negotiable rate