Data migration. YAML data export and need to migrate this to Hubspot. hourly

Altos Advisors GmbH HQ: Herrsching A. Ammersee, Bavaria, Germany Remote job Mar 15

I have been using an easy CRM in the past. See and I want to migrate to hubspot now. MY old CRM can do an export with YAML as output. See I need to import that somehow into hubspot and need help. Considerations: c. 1700 contacts, c. 1500 companies. Companies have Tags for each of our clients. Companies also have Tags for each of our three employees. Those tags plus various prospecting stages need to "survive" when uploading to hubspot. Also the link between contacts and companies needs to survive. We also need somehow the history and notes per company to survive. So this is more than just uploading a list of contacts and companies! There is also a lot in German, which is why German skills are advantageous.

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Intermediate (3 - 5 yrs)