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Natural Breakthroughs Research HQ: Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland Remote job Nov 9

We’re currently upgrading / rebuilding all our systems and are looking for an all-round high quality developer to join us.


  • you are highly available and respond quickly
  • you are fluent in written english and don't type in Skype with the dictionary next to you ;-)
  • you are able to allocate dedicated time (you're not constantly rotating between multiple other client projects)
  • you work fast
  • you write clean and well documented code
  • you are able to organize yourself and get things done
  • you don't need people to tell you exactly what to do, but you are able to figure stuff out on your own
  • you see things that can be improved without people having to point it out to you and suggest us those improvements
  • you are someone who is fully comfortable with given access to an undocumented custom build application and figure out how it works and how to change it
  • you can work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • you don't share excuses with the team - but you share solutions
  • you use common sense e.g. if a server is no longer needed then you tell us and ask if you can shut it down
  • you are fluent in PHP/HTML/CSS/javascript

Please put in the first line of your application nothing else except for the result of the following calculation:  
the last time England won the FIFA world cup minus the year when the inventor of javascript was born.

Please do not apply unless you are able to provide the following:

  • sign our non-disclosure agreement (we will provide on request)
  • sign our non-compete agreement (we will provide on request)
  • provide copy of your valid passport or ID
  • provide your address and cellphone number
    The above is company policy and non-negotiable

Please do not apply if you're not able to comply to the above requirements because we will NOT be able to onboard you.


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