Development of a GED module fixed price

BOITAUXLETTRES IDF HQ: Lisses, Ile de France, France Remote job Apr 3

We use a homemade CRM build upon the MVC framework Codeigniter v3. Technologies involved are Php 7, MySQL, javascript, HTML and CSS. We added an HMVC add-on to structure the code in modules. Currently our application has more than 200 modules and more than 300 database tables. We use GIT in our development process.

We want to add an Electronic Document Management module to our CRM. This module shall allow us:

  1. to add an electronic document to the repository, storing it on the disk and associating it with several property values,

  2. to find a document by submitting some property values,

  3. to manage a simple lifecycle of the documents.

We started a development for that but it was halted before the end. We don’t know if something can be reused from it.

The budget is approximate,please leave your reasonable bid!

Job Skills
Fixed price
Experience levels:
Intermediate (3 - 5 yrs)
English, French