Digital Designer hourly

The Volt Studios HQ: Austin, Texas, United States Remote job May 10

We are looking for truly smart, well-rounded designer who can jump in with both feet and help support all of our projects! We are a small creative team that works to help small business and startups conquer the digital world. We work with clients in branding (full logo, typography, color palettes, etc.), designing websites and other digital experiences, digital marketing (ads and social posts that need beautiful visuals), large and very beautiful reports for clients, presentations and other business assets, and we also design UX/UI interfaces for mobile applications. Does this large scope fit your skillset? If so, let's talk!!!

You should be:

  • VERY well organized and prompt on delivery to due dates. We do not tolerate late work, ever.
  • Experienced (a degree in design, animation, or something else is a major PLUS)
  • Creative - you are constantly trying to think outside of the box to come up with new ideas and expand your skillset to new levels
  • Proactive - when you have an assignment, you hunt and search for excellent sources (inspiration, examples, etc.) to propel you to deliver amazing graphic design. If you hit a problem, you search for a solution before you bring it up to your team (or you offer to help search for a solution!)
  • Understand business needs first - when you work on a project, you understand that everything we do is to get the client to achieve better BUSINESS results. Graphic design and visuals should be beautiful and captivating, yes, but it must always FIRST serve a business purpose and align to a business goal. You understand this and keep this at your core to always ensure you deliver the best graphic results that are practical and useful.
  • Flexible with software - You almost always can design in the software that you choose, but at times are creative and flexible enough to work in other mediums that are not your choice. For example, you can learn and adjust to use Google slides to design large client reports, because you understand that this tool gives the client consistent visibility and allows them to collaborate at the same time - which they will love you for.
  • Capable to work remotely and have fun doing it - you work with a remote team and are very responsive, communicative, and able to create and build relationships digitally. You love the tools that your team uses and you find fun ways to improve the work day and lives of those you work with.

Our team is Spanish/English, so if you are bilingual it is a MAJOR PLUS! Please feel free to reach out if the above description describes you. We can't wait to meet you!

Please respond to this job posting to be considered. Looking forward to meeting you!

Hourly contract
Experience levels:
Expert (5+ yrs)
English, Spanish
Negotiable rate