Digital Marketing Lead Generation Wizard full time

Resdora SA HQ: Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland Remote job Oct 24

We are looking for a digital marketing wizard supporting our company growth. We project, develop, build and market IOT devices, firmware and software and we start new venture accordly

Our operations: - running - growth - pilot/MVP

Our first need would be to validate new products using "smoke test marketing" best practice.

The product would be a "dual mode" VHF+Pmr.One walkie talkie We would offer in the same device legacy VHF Marine channels/frequencies, to be retro compatible with actual standards, and our innovative Walkie Talkie with following unique selling points:

  1. global/unlimited range

  2. Clear crystal digital quality voice

  3. Unlimited encrypted channels

Would like to take the ownership of this project?

Send in a private message with your ideas and proposal and we would in contact with you soon.

Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
Experience levels:
Intermediate (3 - 5 yrs)
English, Italian