Digital Marketing Strategist & Virtual Assistant Research full time

Topfoxx HQ: Brooklyn, New York, United States Remote job May 6

Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset, always analyzing everything and seeing things other people don’t or have a unconditionally curious mind for marketing? Then this might be the perfect job for you!

Our company Topfoxx, sells high-end women’s eyewear and looking for a long-term employee to join our Topfoxx family. Experience isn’t exactly necessary, our ideal candidate is a go-getter, self-motivated, disciplined, creative thinker who loves a challenge and can help the company grow.

Full time working hours: 9-6pm EST (hours can be flexible if needed, 1 hour break)

Salary: $4-$7 an hour (Bonuses included based on performance)

Must have:

-Good spoken and written English to apply (no grammar or spelling errors).

-Social media, specifically Instagram savvy.

-Experience or some understanding of paid media (Training material can be given).

-Can handle fast-paced environment, be on top of all projects and finish them in a timely manner. 

-Detail oriented, the ideal candidate is picky and ensures details are not missed while still focusing on the big picture. Like saying “sunshine” in the title when applying for this job.

-Self-motivated, we don’t believe in motivating our team members, following up for assignments/projects because we expect you to do that for yourself. We hire only those that are self-motivated. If we feel the need for us to motivate you, you will be let go.

-Graphics skills is a plus

We are looking for a team member to contribute to marketing strategies/ideas, improve conversions, ways to bring in more customers, be creative and think outside the box on all the output being made and the way we present our company to the consumer. You will be thinking of overall strategy on projects, a lot of research and how to improve website, social media or paid ads. Salary is based on experience and performance.

Tasks include but are not limited to:

Marketing Research - You will need to figure out wh

General Research - This will be the majority of your job, researching whatever that comes up and gathering all the possible last information out there on a certain subject and formatting it into a concise and relevant matter to the team. 

List Building Research - Wholesale boutiques, influencers, etc

Competitor Analysis - What ideas, presentation, website layout, social media, influencer and selling techniques are they using. What is working or not and what we should be trying or applying.

Oversee, guide helping create content with our graphic and video editors (preferably you know photoshop and can edit or create some graphics yourself).

Analyze paid data, google analytics give advice on what improvements need to be made.

Possibly create campaigns in paid advertisement

Make phone calls, emailing clients/suppliers.

Thank you so much for taking your time to apply and best of luck to you!

Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
Negotiable rate