Facebook Ads Manager for E-Commerce fixed price

Marketigital HQ: Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania Remote job Apr 17


We are a digital marketing agency called Marketigital and we help e-commerce businesses get more clients online using Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, especially Dynamic Retargeting. 

While other advertising agencies provide lots of services to all businesses in all industries we focus specifically on e-commerce niche. This gives us a competitive edge and our clients love it. 

About the Job:  

My name is Alex, CEO and founder of Marketigital, and I am looking for a Rockstar Facebook Ads manager to work with me and deliver amazing results to my clients. While I am focusing on getting clients, your focus will be on delivering great results and high ROAS for customers. I expect a fast growth so I want to work with a serious person whom I can count on. 

Our communication will be on Slack and I am not expecting to chat all day. You can pick your own time to work as long as you can keep the deadline and deliver great results.

Regarding availability, I am looking to find someone who:

  • Is available for the on-boarding call with the client (30 minutes) 

  • Is available for the intern kick-off meeting

  • Is available for a short weekly call to review our client's campaigns, see how are these doing and how can we improve them

  • Is available for sending daily updates at the end of every day

I know that improvement needs time and that’s why I value long-term cooperation. Also, I am looking for someone who is flexible and open to a long-term partnership.

The tasks are the following:

*Setting up and launching Facebook and Instagram campaigns

*Setting up/check Facebook pixels, custom conversions, etc.

*Daily management of Facebook campaigns once they go live

*Create custom audiences

*Create ad sets

*Install/check Feed Management


As the title says, I’m looking for a “Rockstar Facebook ads manager” and this doesn’t mean anybody…  You must satisfy all of the following requirements to be considered for this job:

*Experience setting up, launching and managing effective Facebook campaigns

*Worked before with Shopify stores and Facebook Manager

*Proven track record that you’re able to prove 

*Understands Shopify stores

*Worked with Flexify

*Worked before with Dynamic Product Ads retargeting, conversions, etc. 

*Ability to check on client campaigns and report results into a Google Spreadsheet daily

*Good understanding of Audience Insights

As a Facebook Ads Manager, your fee will be per client per month. I respect your expertise and the time that you invest in your knowledge. According to this, the fee can be negotiable based on your previous experience.

Fixed price
Experience levels:
Intermediate (3 - 5 yrs)