Full Stack Digital Marketer hourly

TAMTAMS HQ: Montreal, Québec, Canada Remote job Aug 7

TAMTAMS Social Media Marketing is looking for a part time account manager to handle our facebook, linkedin & google campaigns for clients

The individual will be in charge of target audience research, campaign building, optimization, re-targeting campaigns, GTM tags, conversion tracking, detailed performance reporting

Individual must be a dedicated, serious, professional digital marketer.  Weekly zoom meetings for reporting and updates of account will need to be presented to me weekly & for our clients  

Individual must be hardworking, communicative, analytical

We handle facebook campaigns on a month to month basis with industries in car dealerships, real estate, restos, security company, driving school, and others

Some accounts are just brand awareness account and you will just be in charge of boosting posts.  You will also need to change/edit ads when the client demands as soon as possible.

Job Entails:

-Campaign building


-Bid Strategies

-Audience Building 

-Performance reporting

-Conversion tracking

-GTM manager tagging

-Ad editing 

Individual Must know how to use:

-Lucky orange

-Google Tag Manager

-Google Analytics

  • Zapier


-Business Manager 

-Connectio io

-Connect retarget

  • slack


Small training will be provided for unfamiliar tools 

This job will be a per month reoccurring payment or hourly.  I expect this to be a 5-8 hour a week job in maintaining, editing, optimizing and or building campaigns when we onboard new clients.

Please be prepared to answer 3 test questions 

Job will begin for next week on a 2 week trial basis

Hourly contract
Experience levels:
Intermediate (3 - 5 yrs)