Full Time, Long Term Virtual Assistant full time

Movers and Shakers Dance HQ: Los Angeles, California, United States Remote job Aug 22

Hi there!

My name is Danny and I'm a professional dancer based in Los Angeles, California. I'm working to serve thousands of people and am looking for a World Class virtual assistant to join the mission.

You will be my #1 sidekick to help with a variety of tasks both personal and for the businesses. I will train you in everything and you'll build your skills and further develop yourself as we go.

I'm looking somebody who is trainable to become an Outstanding VA. This isn't for everyone, but if you're the right fit, we will have a very positive and long-term relationship and you will be taken care of.

We will start with a test project, then do a few hours per week, then will increase the hours as quickly as possible.

Include this phrase in the first line of your proposal so that I know you've read the posting: "Purple cars are interesting."

Quality Levels of a VA:
Level 1 = Often misunderstands tasks and/or delivers poor results
Level 2 = Understands tasks clearly and delivers satisfactory results
Level 3 = Creatively problem solves, decides on strategies, and executes to deliver outstanding results that go above and beyond the instructions.
Level 4 = Does more than just waiting for instructions: anticipates what may help the boss and offers suggestions
Level 5 = Knows the boss so well and operates so highly that VA is empowered to make decisions on their own and deliver results without needing to ask first.

I'm looking for a VA who is always eager to improve himself/herself and, with time and training, can achieve at least level 4. Only apply if you are always eager to improve your abilities and skills.

Characteristics Required to Start:

  • Perfect written English (Demonstrate this in your application. I need confidence that you can correspond with customers)
  • Can think creatively
  • Can learn quickly (you don't need to know everything to start - you just need to be trainable)
  • Always eager to improve yourself
  • Comfortable on the phone
  • Microsoft Excel & Word (must know how to use basic formulas etc.)
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Drive
  • Creativity. Ability to use good judgement and help create solutions
  • Extremely dependable and well-organized
  • Great attention to detail (very important)
  • Ability to prioritize
  • Good with computers in general
  • Ability to manage and organize documents and schedules
  • Access to an Apple computer is a plus but not mandatory (if you have this, please mention it)

There will be a large variety of tasks, but here are a few examples of what you'll be doing.

  • Maintaining contact lists, agendas, meeting schedules, routine communication and other business support activities
  • Researching information online
  • Running simple reports in Excel
  • Email management, scheduling and calendaring
  • Spreadsheet updating
  • Simple website updates
  • Speaking with customers online and via phone who call
  • Preparing and designing posts for social media and completing those posts
  • Additional tasks as they arise

Apply Now. Please Include the Following:

  1. Your competitive hourly rate
  2. The specific hours that you’re available each day (please convert this to the PST time-zone)
  3. Number of hours available per week
  4. Why you want to be a VA — what do you enjoy most about it?
  5. What does being a "world class VA" mean to you?
  6. A screenshot of your Internet speed test here: "http://www.speedtest.net"
  7. Your resume (or work history in Upwork)
Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
Negotiable rate