Index Marketing Articles hourly

ppcbuilders HQ: Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States Remote job Oct 6 is a tool that allows you to capture and organize web blog content. I want you to work for me on that tools indexing marketing articles

This post is a good fit for people looking to get into the marketing industry because it will give you a window into what is going on in digital marketing. So, if that is a goal, then this could be for you. And you would in essence being be paid to learn.

If you end up being among the hires I make, it will be recurring daily work 5-days a week - 5-10 hours. Lower at the beginning.

I would train you by giving you a long list of topics I am interested in tracking and you would review article titles and perhaps the first paragraph of the articles to assess what the article is about and index it (or if irrelevant, not index it) to it's sub-category(s). Not as easy as it sounds.


Attention to Detail, Demonstrable need to know more about Marketing for future career goals; near-fluent English.

Hourly contract
Experience levels:
Beginner (1 - 3 yrs)