Ketogenics Lifestyle Writer fixed price

Permacharts Inc. HQ: Vaughan, Ontario, Canada Remote job Jun 25

We are looking for a writer to create a quick reference guide on the keto lifestyle, targeting an audience that is interested in health, wellness and dieting. You will be working more in an editorial capacity seeking out, collating and organizing the most important and useful information on the lifestyle. This is a project where less is more, providing maximum informational value in a compact format. You will be reviewing the available information on the lifestyle, cherry-picking and organizing the most valuable informational snippets that will provide maximum utility to the reader.

The guide will consist primarily of brief copy segments, bulleted points, tips, shortcuts, key concepts, graphs, tables, memory aids and infographics. The goal of the guide is to be an absolutely indispensable go-to resource that keto enthusiasts, as well as those new to the lifestyle, will use and reference on an almost daily basis. We want to create an invaluable information tool - the Swiss army knife equivalent of quick reference - that users cannot do without.

The guide will be broken down into 12 main topic categories or sections, each able to stand on its own. You will be required to come up with the title for the guide as well as the 12 topic categories, subject to approval by our management team.

Using this project as a launching point, our plan is to expand into other areas of health, wellness and dieting with similar guides. The work done on this project will provide the framework for future guides.

You would be a good fit for this project if you have most or all of the following:

1. You are passionate and/or are actively involved in the keto lifestyle.

2. You have a good sense of the needs and wants of keto enthusiasts as well as newbies recently introduced to the lifestyle.

3. You enjoy the process of whittling down a subject to its most valuable elements, truly embracing the concept that less is more.

4. You are well organized, you have excellent attention to detail and you know how to research a topic.

5. You have an excellent grasp of the English language, especially in terms of your ability to say the most with the least number of words.

6. You know how to precisely determine the wants and needs of a target market.

7. You are an independent writer/editor that takes immense pride in his or her work.

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Expert (5+ yrs)