Lead Generation Specialist hourly

Srsquare HQ: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States Remote job May 10

Hi I am a busy webmaster looking for help increasing my websites revenue. I am a analytical programmer so really struggle with sales. I need someone who can guide and advise me in the right direction. My website is a very niche specific in a relatively small niche.

Income streams:

  • Sponsors for the website itself
  • A paid community for those running a business or run a small home business / freelance but have a connection to my niche. Think of this like a paid mastermind membership within my niche.
  • I have ability to provide niche specific, hand curated newsletters for others. Basically my team and I can hand pick news, blog posts, videos, podcasts, etc and compile a weekly newsletter. This would be sold to businesses that might be interested in offering such a newsletter to their subscribers.

How you can help me:

  • Advice / guidance how to make what I have more sellable and attractive to potential buyers
  • Getting us warm leads that have expressed some level of interest in what we have to offer

I have a number of websites, the one I linked to this job ad is what I freelance under. Thus is not one of my niche sites.

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