Multi Discipline Developer (PHP, JS, React Native) full time

audivisa HQ: Berlin, Berlin, Germany Remote job Jun 12

About us:

We are active in the field of Open Source educational online solutions which provide schools and colleges with engaging learning management tools that students love to use. Our team of skilled developers works fully remotely with our base in Germany.

About our application:

Our LMS is based on PHP. In certain areas we use React, for example in the WebRTC chat app.

What we are working on:

In our endeavour to make our entire LMS more responsive with a contemporary look and feel we strive for a complete front end refactoring to base all views on React Native. The aim is to have one single code base for desktop and mobile.

What we're looking for in a freelancer:

For this refactoring process we are looking for an experienced developer with planning and management skills and expertise regarding React Native.

The aim is a long term collaboration with a flexible multi talented developer. Ideally you bring some new skills to our team while we give you the opportunity to explore new fields and learn something new while adding value to our software.

What you will work on:

The main job is the React refactoring but depending on our roadmap your tasks may include coding in PHP, AJAX, React, front end, back end. You will be working with our other talented developers in teamwork. You can work when ever you like. We do not expect you to work certain times during the day, ideally you spend around 40 h/week with us.

Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
Experience levels:
Expert (5+ yrs)