need a FULL-TIME full stack developer (React, Redux, Laravel, Python, Node, JS) full time

Quiry Group HQ: San Antonio, Texas, United States Remote job May 15

Hello, we are looking to hire a superstar full stack developer. Someone who is an expert in all the areas we need. We are looking to extend our current products and build more complex products as well.


  • Must be well versed in practical and best design/UI guidelines must have great design and UX/flow knowledge. Building great usable front ends that our users will love using. 
  • Must have a mindset of constantly adapting and learning quickly, new things and implementing high level plans into software. 
  • Should be extremely fluent at communicating in English on text chat (Slack)
  • Needs to be very good at logic and always finding the best solution to a problem, and not settling for a lazy shortcut solution. Must be an expert in every technology or algorithm used. 
  • Work to 30+ hours a week, on PST timezone. 


  • Laravel & PHP, Git, API Development, React, Redux, REST, NodeJS, Javascript/Typescript
  • Jira, Slack, GitHub, Version Control, Agile, Scrum
  • QA is a plus

What are we building:

  • We are building consumer facing SaaS software in the educational field. Our software analyzes and checks code from students and companies, for copyright, plagiarism, code quality, auto scoring, and more. 
  • We plan to expand our product line, adding online compilers, ide’s, lms integration, and more features.

ONLY APPLY if you are a very high quality software developer, full stack, and able to adapt, and take on lots of challenging work. There are going to be lots of challenges, this is a long term contract which will be building up to very advanced areas of software and we plan to really push innovation in what we are doing and the software we are creating.

There are longer term and career opportunities to move up both in salary and position. However, we will judge this based on the skills level of the developer.

Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
Experience levels:
Beginner (1 - 3 yrs), Intermediate (3 - 5 yrs), Expert (5+ yrs)