Notification update for iOS app fixed price

August Development Corporation HQ: Doylestown, Pennsylvania, United States Remote job Jan 15

We have an app that works well but can no longer show notifications with iOS 12. We are looking for someone to implement the needed changes to get that working again.

The app is built using Cordova. It is cross-platform for iOS and Android. We only need changes for the iOS side at this time.

The app runs in a local environment and polls a local server for changes/info (~every 10-30 seconds. Depending on polling results it needs to show an alert to the user. The polling and alert need to show no matter what app is currently visible.

This all seems to work fine in iOS 11.x, but does not work in 12. It needs to work in all versions.

We would consider push notifications but would prefer to use the current mechanism if possible. We will handle the sending of the push notifications from the server, but will need some guidance as to how to get that all setup.

Fixed price
Experience levels:
Expert (5+ yrs)
Negotiable budget