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Looking for Rockstar Online Event Marketing Intern for fast-growing gamified social video platform


Remo is a fully remote working company that helps remote workers and online users build better and more authentic relationships online with our video platform.

Our product Remo Conference is the first-ever virtual networking event platform to allow people to have face-to-face networking just like at offline events. The #1 reason why people go to offline events is to network with their peers, but today webinars don't offer this experience. Remo provides a virtual networking experience that allows attendees to meet each other like at an offline event.

Join our growing team with opportunity for remote workers

What you will learn 

  • Apprenticeship-based internship meaning you will get high bandwidth learning and knowledge gains, if you have the motivation you will learn more in 1 month than 3 years at a normal office! 
  • Working directly with the growth lead and CEO and will get one-on-one mentorship 
  • Learn how to do growth hacking (a skill set every large corp and startup will pay big bucks for) 
  • Learn how to organize online events, connect with leaders and promote events online in an effective way 
  • Learn to take ownership and execute an event end to end

What you will do 

  • Organize online meet up and discussion events using our conference platform
  • Promote the event in Facebook/Slack/LinkedIn and community groups
  • Research the market and identify the right-fit event.
  • Connect with potential speakers 
  • Create and deploy Google Adwords, FB ads, landing pages, and email sequences 
  • Develop leads and talk with community owners 
  • Engage the attendees pre and post the event

What you need to succeed 

  • Must have amazing written English 
  • Open to feedback and quick learner
  • Must be independent, have common sense, and crazy proactive
  • Has worked remotely before or open to working remotely 
  • Loves marketing and experimentation 
  • Is passionate about doing something in your own time (e.g., write a blog, exercise) and can demonstrate that

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