Part-Time Marketing Coordinator hourly

Rent-a-COO HQ: Manila, Manila, Philippines Remote job Oct 29

I'm Jomie Casas, founder of Rent-a-COO: I help business owners build passive product businesses. 

I am looking for a talented Digital Marketing coordinator, in love with the world of marketing, and passionate about building a freelance career/business that gives you freedom. 

**Work with me, and you will: **

  1. Learn from my 12 years of experience in Digital marketing and business. 
  2. Enjoy flexible work hours - I just set deadlines. 
  3. Work from anywhere in the world. My goal is to build a 100% remote team, helping mission-driven CEO's build their dream businesses. 

**Your responsibilities: **

  1. Project management for marketing. Help me oversee a variety of marketing projects from funnel creation, PPC campaigns, website and landing page build-outs, to social media marketing.
  2. Sourcing other freelancers to get jobs done, and checking their work according to my standards, and hopefully, yours.
  3. Create processes and checklists for various projects that are repeatable.

This position will require:

  1. A few years' experience and knowledge in Digital marketing.
  2. Being a curious and fast learner. What you don't know, I can teach.
  3. Not afraid to make mistakes! You will make them, and I expect that. Own up to it, and find ways to fix it! That's the attitude I'm looking for. 
  4. Critical thinking. It's not just about following instructions, it's also about thinking on your own! 
  5. Leadership skills. You can't manage if you can't lead. 
  6. Speaks and writes like a native English speaker.
Hourly contract
Experience levels:
Intermediate (3 - 5 yrs)
Negotiable rate