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201 Creative, Inc. HQ: San Diego, California, United States Remote job Apr 7

We are a media company that owns and manages several websites. Each website provides articles in its particular niche to help people searching on google for how-to articles, informational articles, and product review articles. We need a Pinterest Copywriter who can take those articles and write pin descriptions for each of the pins we're pinning.

Each pin needs a strong description that is keyword optimized, engaging, and include relevant hashtags. You MUST be able to write grammatically correct and have good English. If you cannot write well or don't have experience as a copywriter, do not apply for this position. 

Here’s who you MUST be! Please read carefully:

  • You must be proficient in English!!
  • You must have a good Internet connection. All of your work will require you to be on the web, so you need to have a reliable connection.
  • Have a HIGH attention to detail and be accurate with the work you produce. 
  • Self Manage. You will be working remotely, and you must thrive on keeping yourself on task and focused.
  • Respond well to feedback. We won’t micro-manage you. However, we will be providing you with feedback to help you improve and constantly get better. We need someone who is open to constructive critique, along with praise!


  • Pay rate: $12/ hour
  • This is an hourly contract. It will not be a full time job, and it is not meant to replace any sort of permanent job you might have. The hours of work needed each week will vary depending on how many pin descriptions we need. Ideally, this is great for someone who is looking to make some additional money on the side.
  • Flexible working hours. You can work during hours that are convenient for you, as long as you complete the tasks by the given deadline. We'll work with you to create fair deadlines.

Skills required:

  • You will be writing pin descriptions, so you must be able to write well in English.
  • Ability to write about a variety of topics. We have sites focused on food, home improvement tools, fashion, fitness, etc. We expect that you can comfortably craft descriptions for any topic provided.
  • Copywriting. You must understand how to write strong pin descriptions that include keywords based on research you do. We will also provide some video training so you can understand how we write and research.
  • Efficiency. Because this is a paid position, the amount of work that you can get done per hour is important. During the first week with us, we will be evaluating your efficiency and performance to determine if you're a good fit for this.

How to Apply

1. Apply here - do NOT email us. If you do, your application will not be considered.

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