Romance Writers for Interactive Stories fixed price

IGG HQ: Singapore, Singapore, Singapore Remote job Aug 25

As you may already know, our company IGG has over 10 years experience in developing and publishing online games and apps, and we own over 800 million registered users from all over the world on our platform. The reading platform app that we've released on both Google Play and App Store is called ”Scripts: Romance Episode”. Scripts: Romance Episode is a reading app full of interactive stories from a variety of different genres. As players gradually transition through the various stories, they are able to customize their characters' appearance; such as hairstyle and outfit. Also, players have the ability to pick alternative plot structures through the different choices they make. Stories normally consist of 15 to 20 chapters and have 50,000 to 100,000 words.

[This app has been featured by Google Play (4.6 review score) and App Store (4.8 review score)]

Plz download our game Scripts: Romance Episode to take a look.

You will know what kinda stories we need after checking. Thx

What we require:

1. Experience: Based on writing stories/fiction on Amazon or other story platforms.

2. Stylistic: Mainly accept romantic, horror, adventure, werewolf vampire themes are okay.

3. Style: Creative and original; intense plot; dramatic conflict, and eye-catching from the beginning.

4. Word count: 2.5k-4k words/1 chapter, a total of 15 to 20 chapters

5. Options: At least 10 sets of choices per chapter, at least 3 sets of paid choices; every set with paid choice requires 3 options.

6. Format: screenplay, mainly dialogue, supplemented by narration, avoid large narrations.

7. Required Language: English

Writing Fee

0.01$-0.05$/word according to how suitable your outline fits our standard + 50% net profit share of the book (available when the net profit is over $500) + extra bonus (such as update frequency bonus + Sales top 5 bonus monthly/quarterly/yearly + best book of the year bonus etc...).

Fixed price
Experience levels:
Intermediate (3 - 5 yrs)
English, Indonesian
Negotiable budget