Sales Rep For Marketing Agency fixed price

Ace Peak Media HQ: Anacortes, WA, United States Remote job Jun 26

Ace Peak Media is branching out and currently looking for a dedicated sales rep to find new potential Real Estate clients, follow-up with them and get them on a Zoom call to try and see if they're right for the sell our services to.


  1. You’ll be working remote and the time it takes you to complete the work completely depends on the time you need. Estimate for the work is between 4-16 hours per week.
  2. You’ll be lead sourcing, approaching (templates are all ready for use) and scheduling meetings with real estate agents in the area of Salt Lake City and Seattle who have a Facebook page in use. Also important to keep in mind that we approach clients who want to grow, invest and have goals with their business. These are our ideal client traits. You will do the outreach via your own profile and if we don’t get any leads within the first week, we’ll give you access to Joseph’s social profiles to outreach people via there OR create a new Gmail to associate you with Ace Peak Media.
  3. The goal will be to generate between 3-5 meetings every single week with realtors.


The payment will be commission based and you’ll get 50% of the first month after a prospect has become a client for Ace Peak Media. Next to the monetary reward you’ll also get additional sales courses from the worlds best to improve your sales skills for the work you do for us and the work you might do in the future for your own business. This will make you more efficient and you’ll get additional free mentorship from Joseph in case you need it to build your own business or pursue your own goals.

Fixed price
Experience levels:
Beginner (1 - 3 yrs), Intermediate (3 - 5 yrs), Expert (5+ yrs)
Negotiable budget