Sales Representatives Needed full time

RemoteReps HQ: Cortes, San Pedro Sula, Honduras Remote job Oct 5

We are seeking to hire experienced sales reps to work from one of our physical locations.

We are seeking reps from San Pedro Sula, in Honduras to work from our site. Our site is located at New Horizon Business Center. If you live within close proximity feel free to apply.

We also allow employees to work from home. If you already have a good computer to work from. However, if your computer does not meet our requirements we will allow you to work from the site until you are able to purchase a new pc that does meet our requirements.

All you need to work from our site is your own headset and a strong command of English (minimal accent)

Work from home requirements:

1. Strong command of English (minimal accent)

2. USB connector headset and video camera ready and working.

3. PC or Laptop with a minimum of 4 cores with 8 threads. At least 6 GB of RAM.

4. At least 5 Mbps upload internet connection.

5. A really quiet workplace. Background noise will result in disqualification.

Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
Experience levels:
Beginner (1 - 3 yrs)