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Charity work- help those with severe physical and mental disabilities.

*Hacked last week *SQL and FTP altered, hacked to host malware, utilize older databases info in creation of new
tables...need restoration of old accts and databases, SSL gone, more. (hacker took over home network when compilers and bandwidth were shut down)

2nd Most Needed
Proofing/copywriting: Extensive content needs lots of revision as it is long winded and packed with details. Not reader friendly. Im not a great writer, at all. Others need the information Im trying to get out there- a guide for those in need of SSA disability benefits. Its so hard to get approved even in cases of chronic severe mental illness.. My mother was a disability examiner for 7 years. She quit bc she couldnt stand seeing deserving applicants denied over and over. Im on my third application, second stage of appeal. Over the past 2 years Ive researched SSDI to completion, learned from my own mistakes, and sought out guidance from advocacy groups and free legal aid to obtain this information of value. Because of my issues I am completely unemployable, with little family support, and with conditions worsening as more time passes.

Did a LOT on my own, but ZERO traffic over several months. Review?
SEO: I spent copious amounts of time researching SEO, SEM, and implemented all SEO i know available but still get no traffic. 2 visitors last month. Im sure someone can do what i couldnt teach myself in a very brief amount of time..

live chat feature currently in development!
Marketing: After being forced to navigate any and all social services available and the SSDI application process I realized that my resourcefulness and compassion would equate to being a great case manager or advocate for those without such capacities. I want a live chat feature to answer simple questions and offer free assessments. It wasnt until the late stages of composition I realized the site could be a launchpad for this. What Ive created is a free and exhaustive guide as well as provide in advance hard to find, official SSA docs in fillable pdf format stating what will be required and when, and how to NOT fill them out. I/we can prevent cases like mine by making it readable and attention-holding enough to inspire confidence and follow my lead. I want to offer services from procuring and submitting medical records, proof-reading and submitting forms, all the way to full on case management where I would guide every step of the way, making sure theyre doing the needed when required. The sales copy is limited and not good.

Consider the people you could help as like me- four years ago, I had full time job, gave computer lessons to the elderly on the side and was taking organic chemistry and calculus all at once while having healthy relationships. Fast forward to now-Ive been hospitalized four times in the past 12 months, am truly isolated and slave to symptoms of complex PTSD due to severe burns from a house fire and a 5 week coma, MDD, agoraphobia w panic attacks, in the past year auditory haulucinations, which occurs in 52% of patients w PTSD and around 12% of those with chronic major depression. Despite overwhelming medical evidence, Ive failed to get approved and therefore have exhausted every fiscal resource and family support bc I had no choice. I tried and tried to work and failed in damaging fashion. It is an utterly dreadful feeling of dependence and helplessness that can truly destroy the self worth of even the strongest willed or otherwise highly capable individual. I want to give warranted hope, help, and support through a process that is so unnerving most people eventually just give up and fall deeper into their illnesses.You can help prevent other case like mine should you choose to lend a little time.

One thing I can promise: had my first application been approved and provided me the benefits that allow some semblance of stability, my condition would NOT have progressed as it has. I am without doubt that the severity of what Ive described could have been prevented or at least augmented if I had had the help I am readily offering people in getting approved for benefits. Despite my obstacles, I am well equipped to help others as I am incredibly resourceful and afforded opportunity I can use my strengths to prevent undue suffering. Please help me accomplish this.

This is a small, collective project for people who want to help others. An unfortunate great many would benefit from this information made available. Please lend your time and skills if you are able to.Those that apply need to want to do it for others. I still need to find a few people willing to do what they can here and there. Thank you and God bless you for considering helping me with this project.

Hourly contract
Experience levels:
Beginner (1 - 3 yrs), Intermediate (3 - 5 yrs), Expert (5+ yrs)