Senior Software Engineer - Technical Lead hourly

Totem Dev HQ: Chisinau, Moldova, Moldova, Republic of Remote job Oct 19


  • This is a Remote position with a flexible work/vacation schedule: your work is logged using time tracking software;
  • This is an Independent Contractor position
  • Compensation is split into anĀ $8/h baseline and a $2-10/h bonusĀ depending on the completed assignments (calculated automatically);
  • 10% paid time for training or fitness
  • Compensation is on a weekly basis;
  • No people management (i.e fully-automated skill-based work assignment)
  • Quality focus (main activity besides development: detailing delivery requirements and quality reviews)
  • Fully automated skill-based career growth program and the supporting training program (content is WIP and is personnel-driven)

Totem Dev is looking for a seasoned Software Engineer with an affinity for quality code/architecture, and continuous learning in tech and related domains (e.g. product, UX, management...)

We believe that language/technology knowledge is secondary and is relatively easily obtainable as needed, hence knowledge of a particular tech stack is not a requirement. Our current products are serverless and run on JS stack: React, React Native, AWS services (i.e. Lambda, S3, Kinesis, SNS, Pinpoint, SageMaker...)

We don't do outsourcing, instead we "do our own plumbing", aiming for quick research/development/deployment leveraging AWS.

What you will be doing:

  • Designing and writing high-quality code, automation, IaC configs etc
  • Planning engineering work, aiming for meaningful progress given the state of the product/UI/UX work
  • Detailing tasks along with quality requirements
  • Reviewing engineering delivery and provide quality feedback (we don't want poor technical choices, inefficient code, bad structure, and naming in our codebase)
  • Making mid-to-low level architectural and engineering decisions based on the architecture provided (if capable, potentially assuming the responsibilities of an architect yourself)
  • Coaching a team of middle/junior developers
  • Leading the planning and creation of the Engineering training materials
  • Leading the training program for engineering trainees


  • Experience in code-level design (adhering to the common quality principles, SOLID)
  • Experience with more or less complex DSA (Data structures and algorithms)
  • Solid understanding of SDLC
  • Ability to rationalize your decisions concisely and clearly
  • Patience in mentoring less experienced colleagues


  • English language knowledge
  • Experience with Unit-testing
  • Experience with Integration-testing, E2E testing
  • Experience with Scripting/Automaton
  • Understanding of Web, Mobile, and AWS ecosystem
  • Ability to prioritize and pursue best decisions regardless of the ownership
  • Russian language knowledge as a plus
Hourly contract
Experience levels:
Expert (5+ yrs)
English, Russian