Senior Team Manager for Web & App Developers full time

WID HQ: Sydney`, NSW, Australia Remote job Jan 23

Your role is for Implementation Dept within the Web/App Development Team. Managing the team of Web & App Developers.

1. Company Overview

WID is new management consulting firm (launch date - 30 Mar 2019) based in Sydney Australia. Looking to hire several highly motivated team member from around the globe that are the best and brightest stars.

We already have clients (prior to launch) with projects to start on, for the right candidate.

2. Your Role – Senior Team Manager for Web & App Developers

Looking for people that work well under pressure, highly achieving, happy team players to join our fantastic company.

WID Implementation Dept - Website/App Development Team

  • Implementation Dept has many teams including UX Team, QA Team, Social Media Team, Customer Service Team, Marketing Team. This dept role is to create various Digital Projects, following our highly skilled consultants recommendations in their custom Digital Strategic Plan.
  • As the Senior Team Manager for Web/App Developers - you must be very familiar with developing Websites & Mobile App for Apple and Android, working with code and a real problem solver, can create website from scratch, (whilst you wont be required to 30% time) 70% of your time will be dedicated to managing large team of web developers,
  • Ensure QA testing is completed correctly and communicating with the Sydney Team. Looking for talented Web/App developers that is wanting to take the next step, that are motivated to work for a fast growing company HQ based in sunny Sydney, Australia.
  • Experience using Jira for (project management), Trello and Hubstaff (staff management) is ideal (but not essential, as we can teach you).
  • Opportunity to work from home, remote work.

Apply Now

  1. Apply with examples list of Website & Mobile Apps or type of code used, please send URL and PDF screenshot 
  2. Background of work experience and education
  3. Availability - (Mon-Fri) number of days seeking Hourly, Part-time 25 Hrs or Full-time 40 Hrs

Any questions, can chat on Whatsapp

  • Pay Rate Starting - Happy to match your profile offer rate - (please state in application)
  • Immediate Start

Further Info

Initial Offer 2 Month Freelancer - Paid Hourly, workload estimate Part-time or Full-time

  • During your initial 2 months, we will test & trial out your skills & get an understanding of your work ethic. If u can show u are a good performer, with clear effort that you work hard, work smart & have fun too, u will be offered a permanent role either part-time or full-time role.

Career Advancement - Global Locations USA & Australia

  • Opportunity for career advancement, we are building out developer teams around the globe, & seeking the brightest stars for “Team Manager” position, are the leaders in the pack, are you up for the challenge?

Work Ethic - Work Hard, Work Smart, Have Fun

  • We are looking for candidate that perform well under pressure
  • Highly responsible, (all your work session 3min screenshot and keystroke/mouse movement will be reviewed by HR Dept daily, as part of your 6 month assessment).
  • Assess timeframe & always make the Deadline, or leaders deliver project before deadline is due.
Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
Experience levels:
Expert (5+ yrs)
Negotiable rate