Shopify Store Front End developer (HTML, CSS, Javascript) hourly

Cloud Wave Marketing HQ: Groveland, MA, United States Remote job Nov 3

Shopify Front End Developer
Hello Freelancers - We're looking for a talented Shopify Front end developer. We're managing 20+ of our own shopify stores but need someone to help us make them the best & the most converting that they can be.
Need to be skilled in HTML, JavaScript, and be able to edit custom Shopify Theme Code.

Skills needed:

  • Optimization of images: Please make sure image placement are placed to help convert sales (i.e. make sure they're facing text, blend in with background etc)
  • Placement of Call To Actions: Ensure we have enough call to actions to get people further into out website
  • Make sure that you can follow directions, please sk.ype me (id: c507dfd86756e64a) with the phase “shopify” if you are seriously interested in this job. Anyone who does not follow this step will not be considered for this position.
  • Optimized Layout of Content - Ensure that the pages are all formatted correctly to make the best user experience
  • Graphic Design - You may need to edit images to make them better
Hourly contract