Social Media Content Writer hourly

Digital Elevate HQ: New York, New York, United States Remote job May 22

We all have short time attention spans, right?

Which is why our team takes long form content (think Zoom calls, IG/FB lives & Podcasts) and creates micro content that can easily be digested and shared across Social Media Platforms.

We are looking for a someone that can discover, summarize and create:

  1. Discover 3-4 clips that can be broken down from a long form content which embody the "SIR" principle: Shareable, Insightful and Relatable.We utilize a system that automatically transcribes video to text. So no need to worry about transcribing long video.
  2. Summarize 3-4 key bulleted insights in 16 or fewer words that extract key insights from a video/podcast
  3. Create video title headlines in 8 or fewer words that embody the 4 U’s principle: Unique, Urgent, Ultra-specific, and Useful. These headlines compel potential clients to click on a video
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