Technical Content Writer (Blockchain and Cryptocurrency) fixed price

The Saint Group HQ: Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Remote job Jan 19

I am creating an online university course about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It focuses primarily on the technical aspects and uses Bitcoin as the example cryptocurrency. I have a series of topics that need to be explained as supporting material on the course website.

You can just do one topic or come back for another once one is finished. For each topic, I would like a description of the topic or how the technology works, as appropriate. Each topic should make sense as a "stand-alone" module or description of that specific topic, rather than being linked to a series of other topics. Example topics:

  • Double spending

  • Hash functions

  • Digital signatures

  • Diffie-Hellman key exchange

  • Merkle trees

  • How does a transaction work?

  • Mining

  • Consensus

  • What is a blockchain?

You will need to do some research to ensure you get the description and functions correct unless you already know the topics well.

The write-up of each topic will typically be between 500 and 1500 words. You need to create original content, not just copy and paste from other sources or make a spin of another article. Your text will be checked with a plagiarism checking tool. The level of content and writing should be appropriate for a university student audience, which is to say, well beyond the style of a typical "blog post" or newspaper article and more like a textbook.

I prefer to pay by the word or topic for this type of content, but we can discuss hourly pay if you have a strong preference for that.

You should be able to organize your topic description and write clear explanations with proper sentence construction, grammar, and spelling.

Please provide a representative sample of your previous work.

Due to the number of applications, I will only be able to respond to shortlisted candidates. Thanks for considering the job!

Fixed price
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