Technical Support Engineer full time

OutSystems HQ: Lisbon, Portugal Remote job Sep 17

Location: Portugal (fully remote)
English Level: C1/C2
Availability: Availability to work in shifts, on weekends and holidays
**Duration: ** 12 months (Possible internalization after 12 months) 

Main requirements

● Degree (BSc, MSc) in technology-related degrees: Software Engineering, Computer Science, Telecommunications, Network, and other related areas

● 2+ years of experience in both technology and customer-facing roles (e.g. Technical Support, Consultant, etc.)

● Fluent in English Skillset

● Communication - Able to communicate effectively (in English) both orally and written showing empathy for the other person.

● Humbleness - Accepts mistakes and acts accordingly with a humble attitude, apologizing for it and mitigating it ASAP in order to avoid a higher impact.

● Accountability - Takes ownership of problems and makes sure to see them through. Even if he does not have all the necessary knowledge to move on alone, is able to involve the right people in order to reach closure.

● Negotiation Skills - Has tough and politically complex conversations with customers, defusing unhappy ones whilst still not compromising the team or the company. Support

● Process Oriented - Is organized and able to properly follow defined processes, whilst being able to properly challenge inefficient processes and suggest improvements.

● Troubleshooting Mindset ○ Mitigation - Approaches problems with a mitigation-first mindset working towards minimizing the impact for customers but collecting any necessary information for later analysis. ○ Problem-solving - Has a top-down approach to problems, breaking them into smaller pieces and solving them by starting with a wider scope and narrowing it down as the analysis progresses. Has critical thinking, so is able to analyze information objectively and make a reasoned judgment. Technical Regarding the technical vector, it is close to impossible to find a candidate that is familiar with all the technologies we deal with.


We expect our candidates to have good experience in a few of the technologies we use but not necessarily in all of them.


● Coding - While coding is not the most important part of the job, being able to code is important to debug and troubleshoot issues in technologies OutSystems is built on top of. 

● DB - Knowledge of Databases from both the administration and development points of view.  
● Infrastructure - Knowledge of Infrastructure assets relevant for an architecture supporting a Web App. 

● Performance - Knowledge related to troubleshooting performance issues and identifying performance bottlenecks.

● Network - Knowledge of Computer networks and protocols.

Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
Negotiable rate
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