TypeScript NodeJS CI & DX hourly

PublicGood Foundation, Inc HQ: Burlington, Wyoming, United States Remote job Dec 18

We need help smoothing out our TypeScript and NodeJS developer experiences and an engineer that has been there, done that (we can burn time without help). This initiative will incrementally produce reusable configurations that “just work”. Our Dev & CI tools include:

  • TypeScript/NodeJS - FP over OOP
  • Prettier, ESLint, Jest
  • Live testing on file change.
  • VS Code debugger with TS/Jest 
  • JSONSchema, GraphQL, and gRPC
  • NPM Workspaces
  • Conventional Commits, Semantic tagging, automatic changelog and release notes generation. 
  • Parcel, @vercel/ncc, Docker. 
  • GitHub Workflow/Actions, GitHub Releases, Husky, and Docker. VS Code with Docker/remote execution

In addition, UI projects use XState, CypressJS, and StoryBook. We are also quite interested in any Bazel, k3s development environment, Pulumi, Terraform, and GitPod experience you may have.

We use trunk-based development, kanban-style, GitHub Issues, and small, frequent GitHub Pull Requests for workflow. This posting is marked as hourly, but we can also chop up per milestone payments if that works better for you.

Hourly contract
Experience levels:
Expert (5+ yrs)
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