UX UI Product Designer hourly

ApproveMe HQ: Tempe, AZ, United States Remote job Apr 23

Boring UX/UI Design jobs suck!

What if you could:

Have the creative freedom to do your top quality work with an inspiring and collaborative team?

Work (from home) and in a space where your ideas are listened to and valued?

Grow your career, working on a killer product all while balancing your lifestyle with part time hours?

Use your UX/UI Product Design chops to help deliver a document signing app that disrupts the largest established players in the legal/tech space, changing an industry (and your portfolio) forever?

We've been working with some wildly talented (and very successful) talent, secretly crafting an absolutely gorgeous, user-focused product (with personality and pizzazz) based off of 5+ years of user feedback from thousands of our customers that were demanding the product we've created (but will be launching in a few months).

Our mission is clear: 

We are leveraging our exponential success of our current products to gear up and deliver a new revolutionary automation focused SaaS platform. We are looking for a talented, driven and experienced UX/UI Product Designer to help us on our mission. 

If you’re our designer you will be able to commit to between 25-30 hours a week working remotely. For at minimum the next 4 weeks - 6 weeks.

Our designers work on exciting and complex problems. Problems that go much further than good UI principals and practices, you will dig into the depths of phycology, data science, predictable behavior patterns and user focused design. You'll learn a ton working with a creative, fun (All-Star) team who value your creative expertise.

If you're our UI/UX Product Designer you will work on:

  • Adding to 200+ of some of the most gorgeous zeplin.io/sketch generated screens

  • Collaborating on new designs, wireframes and user experiences in an agile development team, made up of a product manager, project manager, technical lead, back-end developer and multiple Front-end developers; all working together on an exciting industry-transforming product.

  • Developing and pushing the limits with interactive avatar and user-centric design and designing reusable modules and concepts for future use.

  • Learning about and understanding business requirements, while helping design solutions based on them.

  • Designing beautiful, impactful, and purposeful experiences based off of real user feedback and validation

  • See projects from beginning to end

  • Ensuring the best possible user experience, simplicity, and design that turns ordinary users into fanatic loyal brand ambassadors.

*When applying please provide your favorite color so we know you read/pay attention to details.

Some of your previous experience may mean you have accomplished the following: 

  • 5+ Years of experience with Desktop centric UI/UX design

  • Min. 3 years experience working in Sketch

  • Worked on products that have more than 10,000 active users

  • A beautiful portfolio with more SaaS products than ios/android apps


“Fast. Document Signing Workflows. On Your Site.”

Mission Statement:

To launch a gorgeous, enjoyable and ridiculously easy to use document signing platform with small business automation and user experience at the center of the app.

The zapier and stripe of document signing.

ApproveMe is an automation focused document signing app that plays nice with your website and third party apps.

ApproveMe let's small businesses automate their contracts and waiver onboarding using their own website and the third party apps they use to run their business. 


A document signing experience shouldn’t be stiff, cold and corporate. It’s exciting. Buying your first house. Launching a business.  Sending a kid to summer camp.  These are events and transactions worth celebrating. The experience is for real people so our product should feel like a celebration.

Hourly contract
Experience levels:
Expert (5+ yrs)
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