Video Tutorial Creator for Python Security fixed price

GoTrained HQ: Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey Remote job Dec 1

We would like to cooperate with an experienced Python developer to record videos about "Python Security" for an online course.

The candidate must have strong experience in cyber security, web development in Python, security issues and how to avoid them.

Language: English. The candidate must be able to speak very clear English without mistakes or hesitation.

Timeline: The course videos must be ready by the 3rd week of December.


  • MP4 Video Files, HD Quality
  • Code files of the solved exercises

Note: Each video should be between 5 to 10 minutes. Smaller (e.g. 2 mins) or larger (up to 15 mis) might be okay in special cases.

Approach: Practical projects


1- Essential: USD 150 for one hour output. The course may consist of more than one hour as needed and we will calculate the final payment according to this measure.

2- Optional: 20% of monthly course revenue if the instructor accepted answering students' questions related to the course. There might be 2 questions by students everyday, more or less.

Copyrights: All the copyrights of the created videos must be fully assigned/transferred over to us, including but not limited to using, publishing, selling, distribution, etc. The freelancer may NOT use the videos he/she created for us for any purpose.

Attribution: The name of the instructor will be mentioned as a main course contributor unless he/she prefers not to.

Advantages of Cooperation with GoTrained:

  • 10 years experience in e-learning - GoTrained gives you step-by-step guidance and tells you what works and what does not work to create an excellent course, in terms of both the content and instructional design.
  • Payment in advance - you avoid any risk through getting paid even before the course is launched. Moreover, you can get a profit share after launching the course through answering students questions.
  • Marketing - we promote the course to our previous students and mailing list among several other marketing approaches we adopt.

Looking forward to cooperation with you.

Fixed price
Experience levels:
Expert (5+ yrs)
Negotiable budget