Virtual Assistant for busy executive who needs general support hourly

Cogent Link, LLC HQ: Powell, OH, United States Remote job May 18

Research and write summary conclusions: I will have questions / areas of interest that I do not have time to explore. I will ask the VA to research the topics, summarize findings. Summary should include links to sources used. Topics will be provided by a combination of email, voice mail, SMS, whatsapp, etc. VA should consolidate requests and make a spreadsheet with all requests and current status and store in file sharing site (e.g., Google Docs)

Research/summarizing is the primary task initially.

After gaining mutual trust working on internet research, the following additional activities may be incorporated

Travel planning: I will provide a set of travel requirements and ask the VA to provide options for flights, hotels, and ground transportation. Over time, I expect the VA to learn my travel preferences and apply judgement in which options to show, and which to exclude.

Expense reports: The VA will be given receipts (scanned images) and requested to create expense reports, possibly in a dedicated system (e..g. Zoho), possibly in custom Excel formats.

Updating Excel Charts: The VA will be asked to retrievenew economic indicator data points (these will be defined along with their sources ahead) and update trend charts in excel. For example, US Industrial Production Index data would be updated monthly when the U.S. Fed releases the latest figures

Writing: A possible activity is to ask VA to write articles on specific topics of interest. In some cases, VA might need to interview subject matter experts to develop appropriate content for the article.

Meeting planning: I may asl the VA to assist in contacting a group of people with whom I would like to schedule a meeting (either in-person, or virtual). The VA will work with my calendar and the members of the meetings to find suitable times for the meeting. This requires very professional e-mail communications as meeting will be scheduled with senior executives and their assistants.

Hourly contract
Experience levels:
Beginner (1 - 3 yrs), Intermediate (3 - 5 yrs), Expert (5+ yrs)
Negotiable rate