Web Developer hourly

Breakthrough Champion HQ: Boston, Massachusetts, United States Remote job Feb 14

I’m currently looking for a web developer for a very specific project. You must be able to follow direction and have attention to detail.  I’m looking to create a database of contacts. The fields are pretty simply:

First Name

Last Name

Phone Number

Email Address

Zip Code

Unique Id: This cannot be an email address, as some people will have multiple zip codes and need to be entered twice.  Therefore we will need to come up with a more unique identifier.

I need to be able to enter this information manually and also via import from a csv file. When submitting your information for this job please include the keyword - connections. Without this, your application will not move on to the next phase of the interview process.

Once the database exists, I will need to have a series of features to display information.

Feature 1: Mapping!  I want to display a google map of all my contacts based on their zip code. If I zoom in on an area, then I need to see only the contacts who have zip codes that match the area that I zoomed in on.

Feature 2: Zip Code Search! I want to search for a specific zip code and have the results come back based on the distance.  Ordered by closest to farthest. I also want the ability to only return the results that are within X miles of the zip code I search.

Feature 3: Search by any field, pull back results, edit the record.

Job Skills
Hourly contract
Experience levels:
Beginner (1 - 3 yrs)