Abong Bain

Marketing Professional With Experience in All Levels of Business and PR
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Part-time (20 hrs/wk)
37 years old
Austin, TX, United States
12 years

My work ethic and high ambition lead me to open a retail clothing store at the age of 19 while attending college, studying communications. As president and CEO of Head Over Heels, I was able to grow my skills and experience as the business grew in size and profitability. Under my ownership, the single store grew to six stores creating jobs over 40 people – whom I personally knew and worked with.

The education I received with my B.A. in Communication (Marketing/PR) was used to promote and grow my retail stores into a multi-million-dollar business. After graduating, I continued to grow my business and remained personally responsible for the company’s marketing plan and public image. In addition, I was able to proficiently achieve and surpass all financial goals based on Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

During this time, I became a wife and mother to three children and continued to manage the minutiae of everyday sales and operations - even as the business increased its revenue to $3.5 million a year. In November of 2015, I (with the support of my husband) decided to devote all my time and efforts to my family. At that time, I sold all my merchandise and closed the business. I’ve spent a year as a homemaker, and now that my youngest is a toddler and independent, I am excited to join the work space again.

I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of owning and running my business, but my passion lies in marketing and PR. I have a creative point of view and love the challenges of finding new ways to captivate an audience, engage customers, and gain new prospects.

There are talkers and there are doers, and though I love to talk, I am a doer. I love creating new projects, overcoming challenges, and finding new ways to present the same ideas. I support small business and am looking to join a team where I can put my creative and business skills to help grow it into something even greater.

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