Ahiezer Giovanny Coronel

Translator. Event Planner. Writer. Composer. Voice actor.
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
29 years old
Campobasso, Molise, Italy
9 years

I am a skilled and academic individual born in Venezuela but based in Italy. Over the last 8 years I have developed several abilities that have given me the possibility to work in more than one area. I specialize in translation (several types) but also in score composing for TV shows and cinema. Voice acting is also another discipline I have put effort in.

I have had the opportunity to work with some Reseach Groups and Audiovisual Production companies in the past:

  • PECET Colombia: a Study Group focused in the Control of Tropical Diseases.
  • Arcoiris Labs: a Laboratory specified in plant chromatography
  • Cinella Producciones and Tempano Films & Arts: both emerging Audiovisual companies in which I have had the opportunity to work as a composer for several projects.

In addition, my experience extends to diverse areas such as subtitling, coaching, music production, writing, Community Managing, among others.

Contact me if you wish to discuss any offer in detail. I hope to be of help so you can achieve your business goals effectively and efficiently.

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