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PERSONAL Ahmad AlZoughbi INFORMATION Cairo (Egypt) (--Date of birth 11 Mar 1988 | Nationality Syrian WORK EXPERIENCE 1 Mar 2007–31 Jan 2013 Web Developer AWIcompany, Damascus (Syria) AWIcompany is a Syrian-Kuwaiti media, publishing and advertising agency, it was, and still, the biggest media agency in Syria since 2005 i've been in AWIcompany first as senior graphic designer, then after reconsidering my skills i moved to the it department as help-desk support, in 2010 I've been promoted to it manager. in the it department i was responsible of managing the company servers infrastructure, which consist of isa servers, samba's and web servers. also i was part of the team who developed internal news web application called "IntegraNews", the key features of the web application are: ▪ manage and spread news between the editors , proofing and chief editors. and assign each article to specific department's editor (news, politics, culture..etc). ▪ pull the articles from our subscribed agencies (AFP,Reuters, DPA) to specific section accessible by all the newspaper's team. ▪ pull the photos from the same agencies and store them on our servers. ▪ ability to backup these photos to DVDs, the backup system is differential so when going through the backup process we could make sure that we don't have the same photo backed-up twice. additionally once backup complete, the full size photo is deleted but the thumbnail is in the database, and a new tag is added to the backed up photo with dvd number, so we can easily find the photo we want. My frontend work in AWIcompany: ▪ Albalad Newspaper ▪ Layalina Magazine ▪ Arabsturbo ▪ eWaseet (Lebanon and Syria) 1 Feb 2013–31 Jan 2015 Web Developer IWPR, Beirut (Lebanon) "iwpr is a platform for local voices at the frontline of conflict and change, strengthening human rights and civic engagement. we build peace and democracy through free and fair media. iwpr undertakes training, reporting and institution- building for local media in crisis areas around the world." I've been at IWPR since jan,2013 as web developer, through my career there i had to be multi-tasking employee, as graphic designer, animation, backend and frontend development, linux system administrator, digital security articles writer. throuh my career there i could achieve: - responsible of developing and managing IWPRs cyber-arabs mena region digital security program which has directly helped hundreds of journalists, citizen reports and local activists to communicate safely by providing information, training and support in up-to-date cyber-security techniques. the work includes real-time technical support, research and exchange about emerging malware threats, and assistance in establishing secure websites and other safe mobile communication platforms. the project has provided training for nearly 400 citizen activists and reporters from 16 countries across the region. https://www.cyber-arabs.com - responsible of developing and maintaining IWPRs Damascus Bureau website which is building the capacity of syrian civil society and media to communicate about the conflict and to position themselves to play a constructive role in any potential transitional process. http://www.damascusbureau.org - responsible of developing Cyberarabs Academy, the Cyberarabs Academy aims to empower activists and citizens across the middle east and north africa, through training in person or via the internet in digital security, providing safety and security resources to use while browsing the internet. the academy launched in December,2013, its mission is to empower the activists and civil society leaders and journalists in order to promote democratic and pluralistic societies, which include all people in middle east and north africa. the skills used in developing the academy: ruby on rails, redis, tomcat, java, nginx, freeswitch, mysql. https://e-academy.cyber-arabs.com 31 Jan 2013–31 Jan 2015 Digital Security Trainer IWPR - Digital Security trainer for beginner, intermediate, and advanced Syrian activists (Lebanon, Turkey, Malaysia, Tunis, and Syria). - Since 2013 i did 23 trainings (9 in-person and 14 online) 1 Mar 2015–31 Jul 2016 Security Engineer The SecDev Foundation 45 O'Connor St, K1P 1B1 Ottawa (Canada) http://new.secdev-foundation.org/ 1 Mar 2007–31 Jan 2013 Tech Editor AWICompany, Damascus (Syria) Editor and writer of Technology pages through AWICompany publications (Baladna, Layalina, What's On Syria). 1 Feb 2013–31 Jan 2015 Cybersecurity Editor & Translator Cyber-Arabs, Beirut (Lebanon) Writing, and editing Technology and Cybersecurity-related articles for CyberArabs website, in addition to making video tutorials, and cooperating with Citizenlab in translating their Syrian-related Malware attacks reports. https://www.cyber-arabs.com - archive all my work) 1 Feb 2015–31 Jul 2016 Cybersecurity Writer Salamatech (SecDev Foundation), Istanbul (Turkey) Writing short and long text and image based tutorials and articles related to computer and digital security. https://salamatechwiki.org 1 Jan 2014–Present Editor and Translator Tahrir Souri Writing, and Translating [En>Ar] articles for Tahrir Souri Project. https://tahrirsouri.com 1 Feb 2013–31 Jan 2015 DamascusBureau (IWPR) Translating [ENAR] articles for Damascus Bureau website. https://damascusbureau.org https://damascusbureau.org/ar 1 Mar 2015–Present Fullstack Developer Citizens For Syria, Berlin (Germany) Citizens For Syria is a Syrian NGO started in Berlin, the main goal of the organization is to develop a thorough and up-to-date database of all the civil activists and movements in Syria and the supporting bodies by expatriates, with periodical updates and reports about the situation and developments, this will be essential for every other step to come. My role at the team is to build the platform for the team to fill in the data for both Syrian CSOs, and INGOs. The technical details of the platform which i implemented so far are: - Implementing functionality to add organizations data including: Name, contact details, registration details, projects, needs, and financial info. - Implementing advanced user levels: Enumerator, Area Supervisor, and Verification. those user levels can be explained as: 1) Enumerator create content (organizations data), then send it to the Area Supervisor. 2) Area Supervisor double check the entered data, and then send it to the Verification. or send it back to the Enumerator. 3) Verification verifies the data, and once it's verified, the can mark it as "complete" which will make it public (partly public - see below for more details). - Implementing restriction on content. For example: If the Enumerator sent Organization X to Area Supervisor, then the Enumerator will no longer has access to modify the data unless it's sent back to him by the Area Supervisor. - Implementing Area/region restrictions on the user level content. which means each Enumerator, Area Supervisor, and Verification user is assigned to specific City, therefore the other Area Supervisors in City Y don't have any access to the content in the City Z. - Implementing AES Encryption on the data. - Implementing INGO user level which can: search for CSOs looking for X needs, or active in Y category, or in Z area. the basic info of those filtered CSOs will be shown. The INGO can request more info (Financial, Projects, etc). - Implement CSO user level which can: mark the visible/public info (E.g. mark specific info as private, like their contact, or CSO name, or any part of the data. and if INGO requested specific piece of info (for example: Financial which marked by the CSO as private), the CSO will be notified that Financial info are requested by the INGO X, then they can either accept or reject the request. - Implementing API for the data for public analytics (number of CSOs, active areas, etc). EDUCATION AND TRAINING 15 Sep 2008–15 Sep 2012 Bachelor of Information System Engineering Damascus (Syria) ▪ Software Application Development ▪ Computer Systems and Networking ▪ Intelligent Systems ▪ Multimedia Systems PERSONAL SKILLS Mother tongue(s) Arabic Other language(s) UNDERSTANDING SPEAKING WRITING Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production C1 C1 B2 B2 English Levels: A1 and A2: Basic user - B1 and B2: Independent user - C1 and C2: Proficient user Common European Framework of Reference for Languages Job-related skills - ToT (Trainer of Trainers) certified by Counterpart. - Digital Security training (Between Malaysia, Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon) - Content editing and translation Digital competence ▪ Ajax ▪ Amazon Web Services (AWS) ▪ AngularJS ▪ BackboneJS ▪ BigBlueButton ▪ Cloud Computing ▪ CMS ▪ CodeIgniter ▪ Composer ▪ CSS3 ▪ Databases ▪ Digital Security ▪ Drupal ▪ Facebook API ▪ GIMP ▪ Google Cloud Engine (GCE) ▪ HTML5 ▪ ICT ▪ Illustrator ▪ Javascript C1 ▪ jQuery ▪ Laravel ▪ Less ▪ Linux ▪ Malware analysis ▪ MeteorJS ▪ MongoDB ▪ MySQL ▪ Networking ▪ NoSQL ▪ OOP ▪ Open Source ▪ Photoshop ▪ PHP ▪ Rackspace Cloud ▪ Rails ▪ Ruby ▪ Security Audits ▪ SEO ▪ Social Media ▪ Software Development ▪ SQL ▪ ToT ▪ Training ▪ Unix Shell Scripting ▪ Web Design ▪ Web Development ▪ Web Services ▪ WordPress ▪ XML
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