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25 years old
Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria
5 years
Aleksandar Nikolov -(- aleksandar.m.nikolov Full Stack Web Developer More than 4 years of experience in Web Development. Demonstrated track record of completing projects on time within the budget limits. Specialised in both front-end and back-end development that provides good user experience. A Machine Learning and AI enthusiast. Work Experience Skills & Competences Full Stack Web Developer Develop Soft Software Development 10/2015 – Present Sofia, Bulgaria Working as consultant on multiple projects for German, Israeli and US companies. WebsPlanet - Currently working on one of the biggest site building platforms (Cosmos). Using LoopBack framework with Docker for building REST based microservices and MySQL database for storage. Angular2 with TypeScript and Bootstrap css for responsive design are used for the UI. Testing is handled by Karma and Jasmine for the frontend and Mocha for the API. Authentication built using OAuth 2.0. SuperInvoice - an accounting automation platform for the Israeli market. Angular1 with Bootstrap css used for the front-end with D3 library for charts. RESTful API built on a microservice architecture using Express.js framework with Docker and MySQL database for storage. Authentication built using Passport. Express Json Validator used for incomming data structure validation. Testing is handled by Karma, Mocha and Chai frameworks. PushApps - push notification enrichment platform. Created the front-end based on Angular 1.2 and Bootstrap. I also worked on the Django server side of the application. Full Stack Web Developer On-Ed 12/2013 – 09/2015 Sofia, Bulgaria Part of a team working on International Online Education system. Architect of a lot of back-end and front-end modules. RESTful api built using Yii PHP Framework and MySQL database for storage. PHPUnit used to handle testing. UI is based on Jquery and Foundation css. Junior Back-end Developer TDS-Arena 08/2012 – 11/2013 Sofia, Bulgaria Developing company's travel distribution system for the Australian market. RESTful api built with Symfony PHP Framework with FOSRestBundle and MySQL database for storage. Contractor positions (part-time) Ibex Network (05/2015 – 09/2015) Built and managed company's advertising server. I also worked on tools for company's marketing team to retrieve data with the results of our marketing campaigns. Server side is handled bu PHP-FPM running on NginX. Vanilla JavaScript with BootStrap CSS are used to handle the landing pages UI. Created Phantom and Casper JS crawlers for data scraping. Drooble (01/2016 – 04/2016) A social platform for musicians. I was hired to do platform's administration panel. Working with Phalcon framework with Knockout.js for the front-end. Service Oriented Architecture Microservices Angular Node.js PHP NoSQL & SQL Databases HTML, CSS & SEO Test Driven Development Version Control Teamwork Education Machine Learning for Trading Udacity Manipulating Financial Data in Python Machine Learning Algorithms for Trading Computational Investing Machine Learning by Andrew NG Coursera - Stanford University Supervised learning Best practices in machine learning Unsupervised learning Bachelor's degree in Computer Science University of Technology Varna Object-oriented programming SQL Databases Web Development and Design Analysis of Algorithms Computer Networks Artificial Intelligence Interests Machine Learning & AI PC Gaming Space Flight Race Cars

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